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16 Mar 2023

Lecturer of UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi Joins UI GreenMetric World University Ranking National Eco-Enzyme Team

UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi is strongly committed to implementing and promoting sustainable campus programs. Apart from practicing all sustainable campus standards within UI GreenMetric, UIN STS Jambi also participated in the Education Program for Training of Trainers (ToT) for processing organic waste into Eco Enzyme for students, lecturers and education staff. The Eco Enzyme Team of UIN STS Jambi who participated in this activity included Bayu Kurniawan, M.Sc as person in charge 1, Syukrya Ningsih M.Si as person in charge 2 and Aini Qomariah Manurung, M.Sc as person in charge 3 which was contained in the Letter Decree of the Chairman of UI GreenMetric World University Ranking Number S-187/UIGM/OTL/04/00/2023.

This activity was officially opened by the Chancellor of UPN Veteren Yogyakarta Prof. Dr. Mohamad Irhas Efendi, M.Sc and attended by hundreds of academics from both public and private institutions to listen to a presentation with the theme "Eco-Enzymes for Sustainable Campuses and Ecosystems" on Wednesday, March 23 2023. This event seeks to educate and increase the knowledge of the community academics on environmental preservation as well as providing training on making Eco-Enzymes for the academic community and university stakeholders.

The Eco Enzyme ToT activity is one of the initiatives of the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Network (UIGWURN) Eco Enzym development division which intends to process organic waste on campus and can be applied for sanitation purposes in the campus environment.

This activity presented three speakers namely Sisca Alacia Farma, S.Pd. M.Boim from Padang State University with material on materials for making eco-enzyme based soaps and disinfectants and Dr.Ir. Nurzainah Ginting, M.Sc who is the Head of the UI GreenMetric eco-enzym team from the University of North Sumatra with materials for making eco-enzymes along with eco-enzym financial analysis.